Why bracelet making ideas for the church,athletic silicone wristbands

f thousands wristbands per day, so we can get super wholesale price from the silicone factory. Silicone wristband is good item for promotion and other event. Its advantage is low price and durable and comfortable to wear. And also most importantly, it is easy way to meet the request. It shows up a slogan and logo. We can match all the pantone colors, for the band color and logo color. The band can be solid, segment, swirl, glowing and UV transfer. Solid is regular and classice. Segment and swril is popular for camp, it can be a rainbow or camoflag wristband. Glowing wristband can glow several colors, it is the best for night event like bar party, concert or night walk. UV one is for outdoor ativities, it can indicate the UV index by changing its color from transparent to blue or purple under the sunshine. 10% discount is being offered using coupon code SAVE10 now. We have thousands of clients, all you need to do is to show us your idea on bracelet, and we can do it for you.    

bracelet making ideas

kids aged 5 to 10. It is made from eco friendly material, so it is harmless to kids health. Since we make it high quality silicone which is soft to wear, kids will love our it much. The product of figured shape, glowing and UV transfer and anti-mosquito is very popular. We can make it figured shape for the logo, like a watch, heart or basketball which has larger size on the wristband, so it will be outstanding and clearer. A glowing wristband glows in the dark with green or blue magicly. The glow last for a bout 3h and it needs to absorb light enery from sun or lamp light before glowing. The kids must like it and be bursting with curiosity. It is good for night event. UV wristband will tranfer its color from transparent to blue or purple. It indicates the strength of UV index. The color will be darker if sunshine stronger. It is good for outdoor ativities like football,  basketball and camping. We add some herbaceous oil into the silicone, then it become an anti-mosquito wristband. It can help avoid the attack of mosquito outdoor.   

free & 10pcs keychains free. Order less than 100 get 50pcs wristbands free & 5 pcs keychains free. Friendship bracelets are two or sereral bracelets that shows the frieathletic silicone wristbandsndship between team players, friends, classmates and so on. It is easy to make Friendship bracelets for famlies also. We make it in different size. 202mm for adult, 190mm for women, 180mm for youth and 150mm for toddler. Some inspiraton and wish should be printed on the wristbands. When graduate from school, some classmates will leave us. We can make bracelets to everybody for friendship. The bracelet can be colorful with segment or swirl style. It is cute to make camouflage, rainbow, glowing or UV wristband. All it can be customized in our store. The logo can be embossed, debossed, colorfilled, printed or embossed printed. We can make our names, slogan and kit on it. Our designer will make the best design.    

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