Police reject clawhere to buy event wristbandsim of torturing former worker of British embassy in HK

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Simon Cheng Man-kit during an interview with BBC. 

Police of South China"s Shenzhen city rejected the claim that they tortured a former worker of British consulate in Hong Kong during his detention.

The police said they protected the lawful rights of Simon Cheng Man-kit when he was under a 15-day detention in August under the charge of soliciting prostitution. The police also said Cheng "fully admitted to his offence".

Cheng claimed he was being beaten by the police and forced to sign confessions during an interview with the BBC on Wednesday. Following the interview, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab summoned the Chinese ambassador to the UK over the case.

In response, a spokesperson of China"s Foreign Ministry said the Chinese ambassador would not accept the so-called concerns and representations over the case and urged the UK to stop meddling in HK affairs.


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