Broncamouflage wristbandsze Age site found in Northeast China

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CHANGCHUN -- The ruins of a Bronze Age site have been discovered in Northeast China"s Jilin province.

The site was found at a hill near the village of Fenghuangdian in Dunhua by research fellows at the Jilin Provincial Research Institute of Culture and History.

A pickaxe, a half-finished arrowhead and a gallet, all made out of stone, were collected from four stone caves at the site, according to Zhang Fuyou, one of the researchers.

"The stone pickaxe is 43 cm long and weighs 5.3 kg, and is one of the biggest stone pickaxes ever discovered in China," Zhang said.

Zhang said the site could belong to an ancient ethnic group from northeast China, adding that the findings are of great research value.

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